The Consultation

Your first consultation will usually take an hour or more. Katrina will take a full medical case history to find out about your current health complaint and your broader health in general. This will allow her to build up a complete holistic picture of your health and enable a tailored treatment approach to be formulated.

Your medical consultation by Katrina Werren-Hyde

Your medical consultation

Your Medical History

Your medical history will include information on past medical history, medications, family history, diet, lifestyle and the individual systems in your body (heart, lungs, digestive etc). Katrina may check your pulse and blood pressure and if necessary perform a clinical physical examination to assist with diagnosis. If appropriate, Katrina may also ask for urine or blood samples, just as if you were at the doctors.

Programme of treatment

Following the case history, your proposed programme of herbal treatment will be discussed, including the range of herbal medicines to be prescribed and expected outcomes. Recommendations for your diet, exercise and lifestyle regime may also be discussed to help facilitate your restoration to health. At the Green Physic we work closely with other healthcare professionals and if felt that it will benefit you we may need to refer you to your G.P.

Tailored herbal medicine prescription

Tailored herbal medicine prescriptions

Tailored organic herbal medicine prescriptions

After the consultation, if appropriate, an individually tailored herbal medicine prescription will be created for you and a follow up appointment will be arranged. The prescription may consist of herbal tea, tinctures (plant constituents extracted in alcohol) and creams or capsules. Herbal medicines will either be available for collection or will be posted.

Contact for consultation

Please contact Katrina to arrange your initial consultation.
All consultations are by appointment only.

Follow up appointments

The follow up appointment is likely to be 3 to 4 weeks after your initial appointment and is an opportunity for you and Katrina to discuss the progress of your herbal treatment and make changes to your herbal prescription if required. A follow up consultation will usually take less time (typically around 30 minutes).

A consultation at The Green Physic will follow the principles and diagnostic techniques of orthodox medicine but with the valuable asset of additional time. It is this additional time that facilitates a genuinely two-way discussion about your health concerns.

A relaxed consultation atmosphere also enables me as a healthcare practitioner to truly understand your particular health needs and tailor my treatment approach to you. With treatment I seek to try and address the underlying causes of disease in a holistic approach rather than just suppressing symptoms, as an effect helping to restore patients back to health and vitality.